Old Polish University is an international institution that emphasizes both theoretical and practical education. Every year, about 100 students leave the Erasmus + Program for study and internship abroad to 60 partner universities and institutions. The most frequently selected destinations are Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Germany, the Czech Republic and Italy. As part of our student exchange programs, our students may study part of the program in the United States.
The development of international cooperation is one of the most important priorities for the Old Polish University. It encompasses many facets that fit perfectly into the International Organization for Higher Education announced by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. For many years, our university has successfully increased its international competitiveness.   

• We have a very extensive program offer in English for the implementation of the KA 103 and KA 107 activities of the Erasmus + program, which attracts a growing number of foreign partners (including students and staff).
• Our inter-faculty and inter-faculty cooperation agreements cover more than 70 partners from more than 20 countries in Europe, the US,
• We offer annual semester trips for our students to complete part of the study program with our foreign partners from all majors and specializations.
• We offer our students all faculties and specializations practicing in all EU countries as well as in USA and Australia,
• The University has foreign departments in Dublin (Ireland), Lutsk (Ukraine), Presov (Slovakia), which
emphasizes its extraordinary and constantly developing international character.
• Every year about 100 students (outgoing) and 20 students arriving as well as 20 staff of teaching and administrative (leaving) staff and 10 staff of teaching and administrative staff (incoming) take part in Erasmus + academic exchange in mobility with program countries and partners .
• The University has implemented a number of student mobility and mobility mobility programs in recent years: Coser to Parnter, Visegrad Fund, Swiss Contribution, Join Study Welness Program as well as summer camps.
These activities are supported or implemented by the International Cooperation Bureau. Its mission is to actively promote the University internationally, develop opportunities for enriching student experience, establish partnerships, and support international research and development cooperation.

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